Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jayne's Birthday Dinner

So... as mentioned in my previous entry, we went back to that Japanese restaurant again soon after!

This time, I managed to book these "floor seats". Although they are not really "floor seats", but I was very happy because I have never dined like this before! Haha. So suaku lol.

So, the previous time we were really tempted by the tables beside us who ordered the hotpot so this time we ordered it too.

Soup base was kimchi. Very very yums!

Jayne, birthday girl of the day ^_^

Sorry ah, the photos not in sequence. Haha. Our shabushabu/sukiyaki (what is it ah, not sure!) came with a large portion of mushrooms and vegetables. We also ordered portions of noodles to add it. Shiok!

Haha, this photo is supposed to be the first one. When the soup is still boiling.

Awesome dinner, chit chatting and laughing! If only I have the luxury of indulging in such food all the time! I'm seriously craving for kimchi hotpot again as I write this. I am reminded of another nice place, Kko Kko Nara at Tanjong Pagar. I want to go there again!. The last time I went was ages ago, in 2010! Time to gather friends to head there together ^_^

Photo with Huixian and Jayne :)

Group photo - Me, Huixian, Jayne, Ben & Randy!

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  1. haha it's funny how you are on the edge of all the group photos. i see that you are not welcome in that group. you should stop imposing yourself on them.

    1. There are always two 'edges' to all group photos. We are seating in that position, opposite each other, so you mean I should go to the centre and squeeze myself in? -_-"

    2. LOL....people are just jealous of you having fun and good food =D