Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pasarbella @ The Grandstand

One of the highlights at The Grandstand is Pasarbella. I actually didn't know there was such a place in Singapore but over dinner one day with some other bloggers, one of them highly recommended us to visit it, and so we did!

This place is very pretty so I took many photos!!! The place is quite big inside and doesn't feel like a place in Singapore at all! Here are some of the shops:

There are a lot of organic food, vegetables and fruits. All stacked very prettily unlike our local wet market. It really feels like I'm in a small town market overseas! The vegetables look especially fresh and the fruits especially shiny!

Totally a picture entry because I got nothing to say except "VERY PRETTY RIGHT???!!!" for every photo. Hahaha. It was an awesome experience wandering around inside because everything is so pretty!!!

There were also lots of little cafes for dine-in and many other random products for sale.

Oh Food Glorious Food!

Bf bought this ice cream for $5. Apparently is non-dairy or no preservatives or something like that. Anyway it's really quite nice.

Was so tempted to dine in the cafes but we just had lunch at Modern Asian Diner :( I definitely must come back here again!

Outfit of the day:
New dress and new heels!

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