Friday, August 2, 2013

Artjam Studio

My favourite subject in school was Art and I loved the sketching/painting sessions we had. However, after schooling I didn't really pick up the paintbrush for a long time and was missing it. So when I chanced upon Artjam Studio, I decided to bring my boyfriend and go for it!

Upon reaching, we were ushered to a small room with acrylic painting materials and a canvas board each! There was another pair with the same session as us so they were at the other side of the same room. The room was quiet and conversations can be heard very clearly so don't gossip in this room. Haha. Me and my boyfriend were mostly engrossed with our own painting though, so it wasn't an issue for us.

Check out the other paintings hung on the wall! Very nice!

Ours was a 3-hour session and the size of the canvas is just nice for the length of the session! We spent about 1.5hours finishing our artwork and we dilly-dally another half hour touching up!

Apron and photos for inspiration are provided. You can draw your own painting too! There'll be someone there who will occasionally pop in to give advices and assist if you are stuck!

My finished painting! Was a really therapeutic painting session! I want to do more of these from now onwards!

My final work and Bf's final work. Per session is only around $30 I think. It's really a good price because you get everything prepared for you and you do not have to clear the mess after the session! You can call up their office (6655 2811) to check or visit the website:

Artjam Studio
8 Burn Road
#05-10 Trivex
Singapore 369977

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