Saturday, August 10, 2013

NCLA at Zalora

Hi Everyone! It should be a happy long weekend but I feel like I am wasting it doing nothing! Almost all my friends are overseas and my boyfriend is at reservist. OH I'M SO BORED.

Anyway, I tried NCLA's (Nail Couture L.A) nail wrap! It is the latest luxury nail label recently added into ZALORA's Beauty section.

I loved the wide selection of designs available - bold, beautiful, trendy and gorgeous! After much thought, I decided to try the galaxy design, mainly because I think it's the hardest to replicate using normal nail polish.

Each pack comes with plenty of wraps, so fret not even if you make mistakes during application! If you are good, you can apply a whole new set another time! Each pack should come with 44 wraps, so it's around 3-4 applications.

Each pack comes with a nail file!

The application process is quite simple. Just paste a suitable size wrap over your nail, then file the excess. The material is ultra thin and long lasting with no drying time!

Final result! Pretty nails!

ZALORA has exclusivity for these NCLA designer nail wraps, so if you are keen to get your hands on these, you can check out ZALORA!

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