Friday, August 16, 2013

M.A.D (Modern Asian Diner) @ The Grandstand

One lovely weekend afternoon, me and bf decided to head to The Grandstand, as we have heard much about this relatively new place but not been there before.

The Grandstand was surprisingly crowded although it's located at a very ulu area. I believe the reason is because of the wide variety of interesting dining choices. After wandering around, we decided to have lunch at this restaurant called M.A.D (Modern Asian Diner). The place was visual appealing but what I want to rave about is the food. To be honest, what I say here probably might not represent all their food, since the menu featured a fusion range of dimsum, tapas, western, chinese, and more, but we only had four dishes in all.

When I first looked at the menu (self-ordering via tablet), I was spoilt for choice! I wanted to have something from each type of cuisine but knew that I probably cannot finish so much food. Guess I have to head back there again some day to satisfy my craving for the other food I didn't get to order that day!

Bf ordered Spicy Miso Pork Belly Sandwich ($14). I personally felt that it was a unique dish as the fillings were sliced pork instead of a patty. It was like both western (burger-style) and asian (sliced pork). Quite yums! The meat is very tender, not tough at all~

Check out my Eggs Benedict ($14)! What a different variation from the usual poached eggs! It is VERY YUMMY!!!!!!!!! Bread is toasted crispy yet soft inside. I wanna have this again!

I also like the Crispy Bun with Salted Egg Yolk Filling ($4.80). Probably one of the best ones I had.

Bf had these Angus Beef Siew Mai ($6.20).

We are MAD. Haha.

There is also a retail and wine area.

Thumbs Up for Modern Asian Diner! Too bad the restaurant is so far away :(

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