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Saturday, March 16, 2013

When there's no way out. Love is the only way.


Recently I have been watching "我要嫁出去" on XinMSN Catch Up TV, and I just want to share how much I love the drama!

The storyline is relateable, pace is just right, and I totally love the characters! Jesseca Liu's acting is very fresh and commendable here, managing to portray the less-than-perfect personality in a really like-able way. She looked totally gorgeous in the drama too! Actually, she reminded me of someone I know.

Pierre Png, as usual, acts as the romantic guy. He seem to always get the "perfect lover" roles! In some scenes I totally went "awwwww...." I would totally fall head over heels in love if I were in the female lead's shoes.

Watching the drama had me thinking about a lot of stuff. Some parts made me lose hope in men (seriously, it's hard to swallow the fact that such terrible jerks really exist), some parts made me positive that there are men who truly care about their partners. But, how many of us are lucky enough to meet a good man?

Over the past year, I thought a lot about how so many of us just settle with an average someone and have an average relationship and lead an average life together. Maybe just because we are afraid we cannot find better. Or maybe there isn't a strong enough reason to leave a safe nest. Or many for other reasons that I cannot comprehend. I see some women (a lot of women from previous generations) stick with extremely flawed partners, try to stay contented based on merely one good point which is not even worth the many other flaws.

I totally agreed when Tommywee tweeted this last month:
"Unless it's a fiery, mad, extraordinary love, everything else is a waste of time."

I also nodded my head when Rainbow Hong said this in the drama: "You were still in the rational stage. You didn't love her enough." 

I understand that sometimes it sounds really 没事找事做/身在福中不知福 to ponder over making a correct choice when we are with someone who is "Mr-Good-Enough", but not "Mr-Amazing,-Just-What-I-Always-Wanted.". But I think that nothing else matters more in a relationship than to feel truly in love.

However, I also found some reason in these words below from 王沺裁.

But on the other hand, if you keep feeling that something is missing in the relationship, should you just ignore that feeling? Well, I'm a believer in speaking out about such issues. Like what Rainbow Hong says in the drama, "忍?你有没有听过得寸进尺啊。你越忍男人就越离谱。要忍到什么时候,忍到结婚生小孩,忍到六十岁啊? 百忍成金 (There's a saying, 'Tolerance is a virtue'), 白白忍,成全狐狸精!"

In one of my past relationship, I once had to suppress my thoughts because the guy didn't like girls who thrash problems out to discuss. At that time, I was thinking, if I had to tolerate any unhappiness I feel all the time, wouldn't I be very miserable for the rest of my life?

插班生 《逞强》 - "我要嫁出去" 插曲

I once felt like the lyrics of this song. I'm sure many of you once felt this way too.

有點煩 是有點煩  我習慣沉默對峙吶喊
駕駛盤 隨他去轉  免得說我刁蠻
有點難 真的好難 我們得獨立同時委婉
聰明人對愛很柔軟 內心很強悍  現在懂是否已太晚
是逞強或堅強 委屈都自己扛
我以為那是一種退讓 是一種善良
我站在你身旁 冷靜得像堵牆
把淚水都抵擋 遮住自己傷口的真相
最後誰有心思體諒 (多希望有人會體諒)
我的趾高氣揚 (我的不愿投降)
越隱藏 越恐惶 越是防不勝防
越設防 越逃亡 淪為沉默羔羊
為何不能夠好好愛一場 公平著不需要誰投降

Then, there is also the issue about how tiring it is to play little mind games with each other. I think every girl prefers to be able to be open and comfortable with her love one, but sometimes reality is just so zzz. Truth is, only a small bunch of men cherish partners who treat them well. I see that most relationships are very unbalanced... There's always one side putting more effort into the relationship. And of course, if there is a choice, who would rather be the vulnerable one who loves more?


I guess it's okay if the relationship is 40:60 if it cannot be 50:50.
But anything more unbalanced than 30:70 are headed towards failure.

Back to the drama, I really like the OST! They match the story very well too. I shared the sub-theme song earlier in this entry. This one "明天的自己" By SHE is the theme song.

像一道彩虹 還是剛淋過雨
你想完成的 那些憧憬

有微笑眼睛 還是半夢半醒
一直在原地 那兒也不去
也就永遠看不到 新的好風景


  1. I think that a little bit of compromise on what you want can be a good thing. Although I would really like a doctor who buys me flowers every week and writes me love poems, I'm fine with not getting that. I'm sure I'm not perfect either -Hanna

  2. I like this song alot too! Wawa Productions should just replace Mediacorp! Haha.