Tuesday, March 26, 2013


My instagram account (user: theiceangel) is usually more active during weekends because that is when I have lots of yummy food to take photo of! During weekdays I had to make do with the lousy cafeteria food, so of course I had to feed myself well on weekends!

Heard of Steamsia some time back but did not manage to try the food there till a month ago. Check out the TV set on display! Yes, this is yet again another eatery banking on the retro wave. (More about the old mobile phones further down this entry!)

Overview of the place:

Check out these old phones! Which ones have you used before? My first mobile phone was something like the one with the antenna, except mine was blue. I was in Secondary one then, and my friend who came over to do project picked up my phone on the table and thought it was a toy phone. Hilarious. The text was huge and the screen only showed one line. So to read an entire text message, I had to keep scrolling left. Haha. Glad that technology evolved.

I also used the one beside too! Is it Nokia 3310? Almost everyone was using it last time. Oh, and the one in the middle is Nokia 3210 right? I used that phone for quite long haha! Oh! I just noticed the 'discman'!!! Last time I have one that Dad exchanged with points at the petrol station, but I only had 2-3 CDs. Haha. That was before the MP3/Ipod days!

Old milkmaid board

Old albums and old iron.

Apparently, they sell some of the items on display too.

On to the food! So, the drinks were served in these retro mugs too! We ordered latte and raisin floats. Latte was not very nice, but the ice cream was good! I quickly finished the scoop of icecream before it melts.

Chicken curry was not bad! Gravy quite thick but it's more sweet than spicy.

At first I thought the bread would be dry and tough but it's really nice! Crispy yet easy to bite!

These "Sailing Boat" was quite a disappointment. The description sounded really good but the taste was quite off.

I must say Steamsia is quite good with their 'sia'. Haha. Not sure what's the difference between the unpeeled and peeled ones though.

The above assam prawns to be ate with rice.

Steam Sia
5 Hindoo Road
Singapore 209107

Tel: (65) 6396 6585

Quite punny ah the name. Haha. You can consider to visit if you are nearby Farrer Park area :)

Outfit of the day:
Wore a black comfy top from www.lyraminn.com, paired with my favorite floral shorts!

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