Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Falling Down

Yesterday started out quite awful.

I woke up, and then decided to rush through my morning routine so that I am able to catch the bus early.

See, the neighbourhood bus that heads to the MRT station from my house comes at a stupid interval of 15 - 20 minutes. This bus goes around my neighbourhood and everyone takes it to get to the MRT station. I remember when I was younger, this bus came regularly at 5 minutes interval.

So anyway, that's not the point. In the past when I was earning more, I used to always take the cab from my house to the MRT station because it takes only 5 minutes while taking the bus to the MRT station sometimes takes up to 30 minutes or more (inclusive of waiting time). That's ridiculous because I could have spent the extra minutes doing more important stuff.

Once, I woke up after my sister left home. I bathed, dressed up and head out. Took a cab to the MRT station and boarded the train. Few minutes later, my sister came into the same cabin. So you see how much difference it makes when you take the bus versus taking the cab? My sister was exclaiming, "You were still sleeping when I left the house but I ended up being later than you!!!"

So anyway, recently I try to wake up earlier and take the bus instead to save money. Sometimes I fail so I end up taking the cab anyway. However, back to yesterday, I did manage to leave home early and actually, I could have caught the bus and still reach work on time. If not for that fall :(

It was raining heavily when I left the house. Wanted to wear my non-slippery slippers but it was nowhere to be found. Didn't want to end up being late so I just wore the regular slippers at my door.

While I was walking to the bus stop with my umbrella, I saw the back of the bus at the bus stop. Tsk, bus came early. So, I ran. And then I fell on my bum. On a puddle of water. With rain splashing all over me. In front of the rubbish dump. My wrist hurt. My bum hurt. My waist hurt. The impact was quite painful and it feels quite drama cos the heavy rain was still splashing on me and one side of my slippers flew out -_- I remember being shocked for a few seconds before standing up and still trying to run towards the bus stop with one slipper on my hand, hoping I still get onto the bus but nope, the bus vanished already :-(

I seriously wanted to cry at that moment. Falling would have been fine if I manage to get onto the bus. But nope, I missed the bus. Next bus was more than 10 minutes later, which means I'm late for work. And I was already late the previous day so it's not nice to be late two days in a row...

I felt so sad!
Like, I purposely rushed through my routine and was so happy I left the house early, but one fall is all it takes to make me miss my bus and make me late. Like all my efforts gone to waste!

The only thing to feel lucky about is that I didn't get any outer wounds on my skin. I only injured the insides I think, because it's still painful. Another thing is, lucky the wet mark on my dress wasn't obvious due to the material of the dress I wore.

Sometimes when unfortunate things happen to me, I try to think on the bright side, like giving myself reasons why it happened and how it's actually a lucky thing in disguise.

For example, the day before, I missed the earlier bus again and was trying to get a cab as usual to get to the MRT station but in the end I saw so many people waiting for cab by the roadside and the bus was just arriving. So, I took the bus instead and decided to be a little late for work instead of waiting for the cab which might take even longer. I was feeling quite happy that I managed to save money by not taking cab.

When I reached the MRT station 15 minutes later, I realize I forgot to bring my work laptop. Tsk! I felt so suay immediately cos I wasted 15 minutes of my time when I was already late! End up I had to wait at the taxi stand to take a cab back home and then take the cab straight to work. So I spent a lot more on cab. Such a waste of money! However afterwards, I felt it was lucky that I didn't manage to get a cab in the first place because wasting 15 minutes on bus is better than wasting even more money on the cab to get to the MRT station only to realize I need to head back!

So, my point is, always try to find little luckiness in unfortunate events. I realize that sometimes the lucky stuff would not have happened if the unlucky scenario didn't brought me to it. I feel very upset when things go bad for me but days later I would realize that this "bad turn" led to something good for me which may never happen if things had gone the way I initially wanted it to.

I always have a lot of suayness in many little things in life. But I believe all this little suayness will be used as exchange for good big things for me :)


  1. I think its great that you see the bright side of things, its something I need to work on. -Hanna