Friday, March 1, 2013

Line Play

I have been receiving a lot of Line Play requests recently so a couple of days back I gave it a try! It was quite laggy on my phone but I finally completed the game!!! Haha. No lah, there isn't any 'level' or challenges... To me, the fun was in decorating my house! And I super love Line Play because it's so easy to earn gems. I didn't even have to do stupid stuff like making my doll do random stuff to get mere few coins. I basically just "invited" everyone on my list and I earned tens of thousands immediately. I recommend that you start playing early so that you have more non-player friends to "invite"! It doesn't even matter if they play or not because you get 1000 gems each the instant you click "invite".  I finished furnishing my house in just awhile and there are just too many pretty items to choose from! I couldn't resist a lot of them and attempted to squeeze them all in. Haha.

Here are some screenshots!
** (Update: 2 Mar 2013: Just did a little bit of "renovating" again today... Hehe. Updated with new screenshots!)

Overview (Click to see full view) Click ok!! Cos very nice, must see more close up!!! Hahaha.


I really love my doll!! Isn't it adorable?? ^_^ You can customize your own and there is a wide variety of looks.

Now that I'm done decorating the house, I'm not sure if there's anything else fun in there....