Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cover My Bagel + Giveaway

Ever since I had an Iphone, I was obsessed with collecting cases and changing them occasionally. Because I changed them so much, it also means I had to find affordable ones as well.

I particularly love delightful cases like this one that I just changed into!

The color is so pretty and the graphic is so adorable and smiley and makes me happy!

I also got myself a phone pouch in the same color to go with it. Don't you love the pouch?? So cute!!! It's a bear by the way. They have bunny, sheep, cat too, which are all equally lovely. I got all these from COVERMYBAGEL!

COVERMYBAGEL has a wide variety of cute iphone cases and pouches for Iphone 4/4S and Iphone5 at extremely affordable prices. (The pouch is only $6.50)

You may check them out on:
Instagram: @covermybagel

Do follow them on the various platforms to be the first to grab when COVERMYBAGEL updates with new designs!

And to reward you for following COVERMYBAGEL, I'm giving away the bear pouch to ONE lucky winner! All you have to do is follow COVERMYBAGEL on FB, Twitter or IG! :) I'm going away for a short trip early tomorrow morning, so I will come back on Wednesday to select the winner. You have more chances if you follow all 3 platforms, or post a message with @covermybagel on twitter/instagram! Good luck!

**If you want it now now now, you can just buy it from! **

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