Friday, March 22, 2013


Before our movie at Plaza Singapura, boyfriend and I decided to have lunch at this cute place called Maki San. We were able to design and decide the ingredients for our sushi roll! First, we tick the items on the order sheet and the staff will roll our sushi accordingly. So interesting!

Very satisfied with my 'Little San' ($6.90)! I thought long and hard before I decided on my final combination! Let me share with you the items I chose, so if you are a safe-eater like me, you can select the same items!

Japanese Nori
Roasted Mushroom
Shredded Chicken
Cheddar Cheese
Tempura Crunch
Teriyaki Sauce

Very yummy!! Actually I thought that I won't be full but it was actually very filling!
The seaweed was however, quite difficult to bite into and each piece was too huge to be eaten as a whole.

Boyfriend ordered the 'Mega San' $9.90, which had additional choices for ingredients. Size of the final roll was almost the same as 'Little San'.

I liked mine better, but if you are curious, following are his choices:

Traditional Nori
Healthy Brown Rice
Parmesan Cheese
Steamed Ebi
Silken Tofu
Tempura Enoki Mushroom
Smoked Duck
Turkey Bacon Bits
Yuzu Honey Vinaigrette

Felt that his one was overpowering with all different strong flavors.

I liked the Miso Soup which we also ordered. It came in a cute cup! Love the packaging at Makisan! The sushi rolls are all in beautiful boxes like the one I showed in the first photo of this entry.

Outfit breakdown:

Accessory: Necklace from and gold bangle
Top: Black lace blouse which was a gift from Bf's mum
Skirt: Florals from
Shoes: Black wedges from Bugis Street at $15

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