Monday, March 4, 2013

Too sensitive?

This might be a sensitive topic. Ahem.

I believe everyone of us knows at least one friend who is over-sensitive. As in, the kind of people that over-analyse everything and think negatively of every silly remark or action unintentionally made by other people. This is when they start holding a grudge and misunderstandings occur.

Everyone of us have different sensitivity levels. It is important to be understanding towards people like that. I know it's not easy! I have experienced being frustrated with friends who make a huge fuss out of nothing. But, we all know that sensitive people aren't sensitive on purpose. It might be due to self-esteem issues or other underlying reasons. And maybe, sometimes it might be us being too insensitive? It is important for us as friends, to talk to them and try to clear any misunderstandings.

Well, at least we can easily get rid of an over-sensitive friend if we really really really cannot stand it. But how do we deal with sensitive skin? Everyone of us have different sensitivity levels for skin too. Today, I want to share a solution to a skin sensitivity issue that has been affecting me in recent years.

If you look at my photos closely enough, or if you have met me in real life, you would have noticed immediately that I have severe dry skin. The dry skin makes it very difficult for my makeup to settle properly so sometimes I have uneven or patchy tones.

Not just dry, my skin is sensitive + dry too! I used to have eczema on almost all my fingers but luckily it has gone away. Occasionally it will still appear on one or two fingers when I do dusty things like housework or packing stuff. I also itch when I touch detergent or bleach. But I still have to do housework sobs.

Fingers are fine now but eczema still appears every now and then on my eyelids. It is especially sensitive when the weather is humid and eczema rashes start forming and actually looks quite disgusting in real life. This is also why I seldom post up close up photos of my eye. I really have no idea how to edit away the rashes! You can see in some of my photos that at times my eyelid looks somewhat weird. That's because I caked a thick amount of concealer and foundation to cover up the rashes before I put on my eye makeup! Some people have seen me without makeup and commented on the redness on my eyelids.

Atopic eczema often appears as dry, itch and inflamed areas on the face and body. Dry and sensitive skin is sometimes caused by eczema, a common skin condition that affects one out of 10 persons at some time in their life, regardless of age. This also means that dry and sensitive skin is a very common woe among many people!

Whenever I buy skin care products, I always buy hydrating and moisturizing ones because I think that dry skin is my biggest problem. It always feels uncomfortable when the itch acts up! But now I know, I first have to control my skin's sensitivity too! I'm glad I was introduced to Curel Moisture Body products, which help to counter both issues!

Here’s a little introduction about Curel first! Curel is Japan's No.1 brand for sensitive Asian skin. Endorsed by over 3900 dermatologist in Japan, it is the Japanese skin care brand specially formulated and clinically proven to comfort dry and sensitive skin. It is suitable for all skin types!

So, what does it do?

I learnt that the loss of Ceramide results in our skin becoming more sensitive. Curel helps by replenishing ceremide into our skin! Curel has the highest concentration of Ceramide in the market, so Curel is definitely the best solution to your sensitivity problem!

I gave the Curel Body Moisture Milk and Curel Body Moisture Cream a try.

Here's more information and my take on the products!

The texture of Curel Body Moisture Milk is light and spreads easily! It feels pleasant on my skin and leaves no sticky feeling at all! It was such an ease to use as well.

If you have very dry skin, Curel Body Moisture Cream is recommended as it is more intense.

It feels airy-light on my skin! I feel it being absorbed really well and skin indeed felt smoother and more supple afterwards.

Extended use will show improvements in skin sensitivities, less redness on skin, more supple, and moisturized.

I just did some packing on a really warm day a couple of days back and I'm surprised by how much Curel has helped to control my skin sensitivity reaction to humidity! There was less irritation as compared to before.

You may get the Curel Body Moisture Milk 220ml at $22.80 and the Curel Body Moisture Cream 90g at $28.80. They are available at selected Watsons and Guardian stores and National Skin Centre!

You may also redeem free samples to try at the Curel Facebook page!

With Curel, everyone can stop being "too-sensitive"!



  1. This looks really good! During certain times of the year I get really dry skin too so I'll have to try it out. -Hanna

  2. Hey there! I have eczema on my fingers too! How did u managed to get them away? Like what was the process?

    1. For eczema most importantly you must not scratch the itch!