Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blue Glitter

Had my nails done at Millys (tel: 8383 5395) again over the weekends!

Went to the Far East Branch and had Chloe to color my nails blue and add some light blue glitter gradient. Adding glitter at the tip makes it more difficult for your nail polish to chip, which in turn lets your pretty manicure last longer.

Enjoyed the relaxing weekend out with bf. It has been quite awhile since I last had a good rest. It's like day in day out I'm always in a rush to complete stuff and never found time to laze around. Very reluctant to sleep early at night because to me it's time wasted. But then every morning I would be really tired and regret not letting myself have more sleep. Have been more diligent in my skin care routine recently but I doubt it is going to be of any use if I continue this bad sleeping habit.

My tank top is from the latest collection at
Really love the prints on top. If you are getting this or something else from Lyraminn, remember to quote "Estxie5" for 5% discount ok? :)

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  1. Ah I wouldn't have thought of the glitter thing, I'll have to try it -Hanna