Friday, March 8, 2013

Rabbit Carrot Gun

Rabbit Carrot Gun. What a random name! Fidelis brought us to this place for our latest Mystery Makan session, which also doubled up as a little birthday surprise for Nadia.

I was extremely famished that day while the rest were not very hungry. I found the sausages and mash really good! The chicken pie had yummy crispy crust but I didn't really like the fillings. Roast chicken was quite ok. The gravy was good, but not enough for the whole piece of chicken.

"Once upon a time there were four little rabbits, now there are millions."

Surprise birthday cake for Nadia! Totally ruined her low-carb diet but I think it was definitely worth it because the cake was awesome!! Actually, I don't think it's even a cake. It's more like melted marshmallows and butter cream and berries. It was super nice! Best 'dish' that night. Haha.

Me, Nadia, Jacelyn, and Fidelis.

Rabbit Carrot Gun is definitely a unique place to have dinner! I heard from Fidelis that they are always full during weekend mornings for brunch. Service was nice too.

I look forward to the next mystery makan session! We always have lots to talk about when we meet up ^_^

My mustard dress is from
Love the simple design. Paired it with a pair of matching heels that hurt my feet the whole day :(


  1. The food looks so good. Especially the first one -Hanna

  2. Hi Esther may I know where you girls got the birthday cake from? Is it from the restaurant or some bakery? Thanks :)

    Btw I really really really like the way you look with your eye makeup in your recent photos!! Care to do a makeup tutorial when you're free? Guess that will be awesome :D

    Thanks again :)

    1. The birthday cake is from the restaurant :)

      Thanks for the compliment! Actually my makeup skill not good enough to do tutorial!