Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Worked for a private event for a company on xmas eve with Jean at Jurong Country Club :) Super far away lor! I was late, but luckily i wasn't scolded or anything. Phew.

Job scope was easy. Hehe.

When i asked the event coordinator why they chose me out of so many other girls from the agency, they said it was somehow because of my blog -.- They wanted a well-known girl there. Wah, finally something good coming out of having this blog. Well, turned out that the people attending were either too old, too young, or from a totally different world. Only jean and the coordinators knew about my blog lor!

"And then we chose jean after you because we thought of having a sophiscated looking girl here too."
"So you mean i dont look sophiscated enough lah?!!"

A girl was dressed up as Santa there, and we thought she was a man at first =x She's friendly and funny, i like! I dont have her picture though.

Marcus Chen was there too! Took a picture with him but it was too bright =(

Jean's bf came to drive us off afterwards. Thanks for the ride, or else i would never know how to get out of that place.

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