Saturday, January 3, 2009

How i envy those loving couples out there.

Oh well, we can't blame kelvin for everything that happened. Maybe it's just me. Because i thought this would be the guy who would love me always no matter what, i didn't treat him with as much love as i was supposed to. I didn't thank him for everything he has done for me. I didn't apologize for the bunch of bullshit i gave him while we were together. I expected a whole load out of him because i was too idealist. I had wanted him to be perfect.

As what janelle had said, maybe it's karma.

But i've never believed in karma. For my entire life, it has worked against me until the point that i refuse to be someone good. I used to be damn nice, damn easy to bully around, just because im not a person who would reject anyone's request. And then one day i grew up and realise that the nicer i am to someone, the more they would take me for granted. The more i stand up for myself, the more possiblity i would get what i want.

Everytime (every single time) i do charities, suayness befall me for the entire day. Everytime i put my whole heart for someone, it gets broken. Everytime i do something good, something bad would come back to me.

Everytime i ignore my boyfriends, they put in more attention on me. Everytime i cheat a little in a falling relationship, they miraculously fall in love back with me (even if they dont know). Everytime i give up on someone, they come back to me telling me how much they care.

Crazy right? Tell me, if you lived a life like this, would you still dare to be someone good? Would you still dare to put your whole heart into someone?

Maybe im selfish for protecting myself. But that's the thing i learnt from my 18 years of life.

The vPOST Nuffnang Christmas Party Rocks!

My entry wouldn't be the most precise and detailed one, but it's a fact that i had a great time! Picture credits to Aversence, Winnie, Kennysia, Myself, and i dont-know-who-else..
If you are hoping to grab some pictures from my entry, many apologies to you because i dont have much pictures uploaded and most of them are plastered with my face. Haha.

Met up with winnie before the event for a little shopping at Far East.

Mango shaved ice. Introduced this lovable treat to Winnie and she loved it! :D:D **gosh i feel like eating it now while looking at the picture!

Cabbed down to DXO when it's time. Dressed up as santarina! Everyone was assigned a letter but i was told to choose any letter i want, and since it's a Christmas party, i felt that it's most appropriate to go as a santarina :D Meanwhile, peggy had also gathered her bunch of babes to dress up as santarinas, so it was great that i had other pretty companions!

winnie and me at the reception.



and celestina's very cute looking friend. I feel so enormous when i stand beside her petite friend!

satan santa

Me and xiaoxue


he came as an old man and he looked totally different. I didn't know it was him until someone screamed "kennysia!"

... and the santarinas.

This picture was cropped because i look super fat. You can view the original pics at his blog instead :D

My face is so dehydrated. I hate his dslr. So clear!

See, my own humble compact digital camera better :D


omigosh. In the middle of the party, someone slapped my back so hard and when i turned around i saw the photographer and the back of the girl with curls. So in the end i went to ask the photographer who was the one who slapped my back, he said typicalben.

And then afew minutes later, a girl came up to me and said "HI" while smiling sweetly. I thought it was some blogger or someone i met on the streets before. I felt this girl look familar but i couldn't remember who she was. And then suddenly, i realised that he is BEN!! My reaction was like "OMGOMGOMGOMG!!"

nadia, who came as a teacher!

Janice. She's so skinny~!!!



tiffany and me

jayden and tiffany.

kenny and me.


tiffany on stage for best dressed.

I was screaming for him too much until my throats became sore.

valerie videoed benjamin's catwalk down :)

Since my picture with valerie is not nice (again!), i shall put up a pic of sexy ben and valerie

With the other girls and andy.


Jayden won first prize for the entry contest.

Peggy won second!

There was the luckydraw segment and winnie won too! I should have stood in front of her at the reception! Then i would get her number! Haha. My number is 88 leh~ Lucky number not lucky.

randall, host of the night. very funny guy :D

ming (this was supposed to be at the start of the entry but im lazy to pull the picture to the top of the entry =x)

Lots of Tiffanys. Taken while queueing up for seats at xinwang with jayden and some other friends of ben. Supper time! ^^

Tiffany says bye!

Anyway, his boobs beneath that top is fake. He stuffed something there. I felt it! Nice =P

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