Monday, January 19, 2009

Im happy :)
For the past few days, life has been kind to me. Other than some financial issues, the other areas of my life has been smoothsailing. Im contented and happy. Now i only wish all these would continue being so fine because at the back of my mind i kept worrying that good days dont last long...

Anyway, im currently kinda irritated by a babe who thinks she's god. When she is doing "A", she says "A" is fantastic. When she turns to "B", she says "A" sucks and "B" rocks. Then proceeds to say nasty remarks about people who do "A". And then when she moves on to "C", she would say "C" is the right choice and that "B" is lousy -.-Wth?? I can't stand girls who constantly bring other people down to make themselves seem better. Different people have different opinions and choices, so why should you care so much and insult someone else's choice? Worse is, when you were doing "A" yourself, you were saying how great it was, isn't it? It doesn't mean that just because you moved on from "A" to "B", it means that everyone else should think that "B" is better too. You are not that superior okay, so stop thinking that you are. Anyway, you people dont have to understand what im trying to say. I just had to rant and get those feelings out of my mind.

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