Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not the most intelligent. Not the most interesting. Not the most fashionable. Not the slimmest. Not the tallest. Not the sexiest. Not the cutest. Not the funniest. And definitely not the most attractive lady around.

Yet, i am lucky enough to have thousands of wonderful readers supporting my blog everyday, leading me to lots of interesting experiences & valuable opportunities that i would never have chanced upon if not for you all. Thanks to all those who stayed by my side through all the ups and downs :)

I dont have to care, nor be unhappy if haters dont like how i look, how i talk, how i think or how lucky i am to be what i am today.

Because im happy and contented with what i am and what i have currently. The people i care about, they all love me back and i know there are unknown strangers out there caring and supporting me all the time.

Although im not perfect, and i definitely dont have a perfect life, i appreciate all that was given to me.

Loves and Thanks.

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