Thursday, January 1, 2009


I gathered all my courage last night and broke up this releationship that i've been holding on for so long. I still dont know if i did the right decision... I just know that if i dont do something about it as soon as possible, i'll still be miserable for the next few months. It's either both of us put in some effort to change, or just give up.

Lots of "maybe ifs" appeared in my mind again and again... As each hour passed today, i held back the urge again and again to call him and give in. i tried to hold back those tears that has been threatening to burst out. I refuse to let myself cry. If he doesn't care, why should i?

He somehow admit that since 3 months ago, he already didn't have that much love for me already. 3 freaking months.

Is there still hope?

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