Sunday, February 14, 2010


Because both of them fall on the same day, SX has decided to make our Vday date earlier!

He appeared on my doorstep with a bunch of red roses!

When he asked for the prices beforehand, he told me that 3 roses cost $59.90!!! (the horror of vday! the last time he bought 6 roses for me ((normal day)), the price was only $40++!) I told him not to buy it cos as much as I love receiving flowers, I dont feel justified about him paying $60 for 3 roses, because he doesn't earn alot. That's why I didn't really expect him to turn up with a bunch of SIX roses!!!!!!

Love! ^^

Left my flowers at home and headed off to Sentosa with him!
Never put eyelashes cos he prefer me without it!

He will never smile in pics one -.- Act cool only. lol.

First stop, Underwater World!

I pulled SX to take photo with this snake! The snake texture soft soft, feels abit weird. Haha. (the fringe in this picture is fake one! I added it in photoshop cos the phototaker never tell me my fringe kena blow by wind become centre-parting!)

SX afraid of the snake sia. Lol, usually he so act-cool one, wont admit he scared one lor! Lol.

Touching pool~!

There are afew tanks where there is a gap for you to put your hands in too!



I was super amused by this fish! Look at the mouth and cheeks! Damn cute right!!!!

Ugly cuttlefish. Lol. It was actually facing us then when SX commented on how ugly it is, it sadly turned away. Hahaha.

We tried looking into this tank but we couldn't see anything except ourselves!! 0.0


Japan snow crabs i think. They are huge!

Another kind of crabs.

Pointless dark photo of me in front of the aquarium.

SX wanted to take a photo with the garoupa. Hahaha.

We went round the travelling tunnel twice!

Mini sharks! Even the garoupas were bigger than them!

Giant crab.

We went to catch the Dolphin show!

The pink dolphins were super cute!! They can clap, can say bye, can nod and can shake their heads!

After the dolphins.

Not as cute though.

Time for dinner! SX reserved a table for us way before Vday :)
Turns out my school course 'grad night' will also be held here! But i wont be going.

Our indoor room did not have anyone else throughout our dinner, thus it feels like we had the whole place to ourselves!

Hot bread and butter.

Prawn salad.

Our menu

I love the soup!

The appetizer is also damn nice! The squid..... yums!

Intermezzo. Whatever it means.
Too sour for our liking though.

BF's pan roasted pork. I loved the taste and SX claims that the texture is fantastic. Like not too hard, not too soft, yet thick and juicy!

I had the fish. It's great too!

Our dessert. A nice finishing to our meal.

Coffee, tea or me?

When we left the restaurant, it was already dark! We spent more than 2 hours on the meal! Money well spent i think. Almost $200 leh! Expensive for our budget but considered cheap for the quality!

We tried the Skyride!

It was pitch-dark and we couldn't see anything below except lots and lots of trees! I was so afraid that my wedges would fall cos it didn't have any straps!

The ride was very scary!!!! Worse than cable car!! Lucky we only bought one-way tickets.

Valentines :)

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