Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I received a call from Gary some weeks back, he is planning a surprise party for MinEr!! So sweeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!

Girls planning surprise for guys is common.
Guys planning surprise for girls is AWWWWWWW.

I gushed about it to SX for quite some time. Haha. SX must have hated gary to the max! =P

But then i wont expect SX to do such a thing luh, he so 愛面子 and anti social one -.- Lol. If he can plan a proper day for just the two of us i can already 偷笑 liao. Hahaha. People in relationships should not compare their own partners with others, cos everyone is different! If compare until too serious will spoil relationship one!

Pictures from the surprise party!

MinEr was blindfolded and poor Gary had to bring her go 'walk-walk' around pasir ris park for several rounds cos afew of us were late! haha.

A photo of Steffi, me, and Miner.

Gary knew that Min-Er never see Yusheng before so he prepared yusheng in conjunction with CNY! But then we all think he kena cheated lor! The yusheng looked dubious!!!!!!! Got big chunks of seaweed somemore!!! Where got yusheng got seaweed one!

Drinking session. YumSeng until damn long -_-

While Gary was pouring alcohol into everyone's cup of coke/greentea, me and steffi took out cups of greentea and claimed we already put alchohol into it on our own. After the yumseng-ing, steffi finished her greentea in a gulp and i 'exclaimed': wah, steffi so li hai ar.

We thought we managed to trick Gary but turns out he already knew we bluff him right from the start. Tsk!

3 pretty babes! Shimin, Steffi and Min-Er!

Huge bday cake!!!

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