Saturday, February 27, 2010

Went to the nuffnang office to collect my cheque! Yippie!

After that bf came down and we had lunch at this indian restaurant near the office as i was craving for spicy food.

Chicken kebab drumsticks. It's good.

Prawn masala. The indian restaurant at fareast was better. There was very little prawns inside too.

Chicken soup.

Eat like very little right? Adding drinks and an extra bowl of curry, bill was around $50. Haha. At coffeeshop if i order indian food for two i think $10 can cover everything.

Cabbed down to Bugis to shop and watch movie!

SX bought these for his new position in the company :)


This machine was really bad. The "designing" part was damn short. Like only 60 seconds altogether. The picture quality wasn't very nice too. Blah, waste money.

Cabbed down to have dinner! Here's SX tanned. Other people are saying that he looks better this dark, but i prefer him lighter. Haha. And my face is covered by that thing cos i always look bad without flash and he always look bad with flash. Have to compromise sometimes lor :(

We wanted to eat at "Pang Xie Zhi Jia", a relatively famous place for crabs but when we realised they had crappy service, we settled on another nearby seafood place.

We ended up here!

Seem like a family business.

First up, seafood fried rice.
Only $4 for such a big wok. Can fill 3 people i think.

SX wanted to try the hokkien mee. I felt that it was so-so only.

Our chilli crab!
The sauce was too salty and tasted abit off. It was also very watery.
If i go there again, i will try ordering black pepper instead of chilli because it's really that bad.

The steamed fish, however, was reallllllly good.
It was the freshest fish i've eaten for quite some time. I think it was a live fish before we ordered it. The texture of the meat was smooth and solid, slightly semi-transparent. I would definitely want to order it again if i come again.

Kailan was to my liking.

Salted-egg prawns didn't taste like salted-egg prawns though. Too little of the buttery taste i was hoping to get.

I think i will go back there again, but a picture of a live frog on the wall opposite where I was sitting was really disturbing. I hope they cover it up soon.

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