Tuesday, February 2, 2010


SX noticed a tiny black line (very short one, if close up then can see) on my front teeth and thought it was some food stuck there, thus he tried to pick it out using a toothpick. (okay, this is very unglam right. I first time let anyone do such things on me lor! I wanted to do it myself but he insisted on doing it for me! He siao one. Hahaha. )

When he realised that it couldn't be picked out, he concluded that it must be TOOTH DECAY!!!!

WHY ON MY FRONT TEETH! Why cant it like hide at the back where nobody can see! How am i going to smile confidently and widely from now on!

I think it must be because of my brushing habits.
I brush 3 times in the morning but i dont brush before i head to bed =x I didn't see any point in doing that because no one will smell my mouth in the middle of the night and it'll be dirty in the morning anyway!

No one told me that it will cause tooth decay T_T
Okay, actually im aware of that but im just lazy to brush before going to sleep. I thought that brushing 3 times in the morning can make up for not brushing at night!

Okay i googled 'tooth decay' and my tooth is definitely not looking gross like those pictures shown! How ar, i scared if i leave it alone it'll become like those pictures! NOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~~

For once, i volunteerly want to visit the dentist sia.

Funny video to share.

Poker Face (Chinese new year version)


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