Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Sophia and I were out and since i also wanted to get a birthday present for Benjamin's birthday party, i suggested The Cathay!

Maybe you are thinking, "huh? The cathay? buy movie tickets ah?"

Actually The Cathay is not just a place for movies. It is a great place to spend the day, and also shop! I think that it is also one of the rare places that you have many shop choices to choose from when buying gifts for a guy. Too many shopping places are dominated by female shops, there are limited choices for the guys. And that gives you a grumpy boyfriend.

I bought Ben's present from this shop, To-A-Tee! The aunty serving us knew that i was buying it for a friend thus she allowed me to take photos of it and mms to jayden and isaac for their opinions! She even said that if ben doesn't like it, can come back and change it for another design! Beside it is also another fabulous shop, Xsquad :)

At 'TotallyHotStuff', there are unique things for both genders!

And then there are also pretty girly shiny stuffs for you! I went to one of Digiskin’s event in the past and I was awed by all their shiny designs! It’s really nicely done and looking at the themed colours made me feel like im in heaven! Sometimes in a bad mood go see see the pretty designs also can brighten up abit! If you want to bling up your phone/camera or anything else and is lazy to paste all the blings one by one yourself, can go try out Digiskin’s service. is a newly set up website by The Cathay, in which you can know more about the mall, store directory, upcoming events and promotions.

You can also join the facebook page at -! Fans of the fanpage will be updated with latest promos, events, contests & giveaways.

Join the mailing list as well for the latest updates :)

After shopping, it's time to rest our tiring feet! Ben N Jerry is a great place for that while having yummy icecream! Haha.

My favourite icecream from BnJ is the CookieDough!

Can also head to E2max after that for some gaming fun!

Besides, there is also The Cathay Restaurant which me and sx dined in for my birthday last year! See, just these few stores featured on my blog is enough to last afew hours!

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