Tuesday, January 5, 2010



First, i introduced their eyeshadow palettes which sold like mad, according to their overwhelming sales. They still have stocks, so do order one if you didn't, before it's grabbed by the other quicker babes!

They recently brought in the gel eyeliners. It's really good! I've briefly mentioned it on my blog before, but im trying it out now :D

Why it is better than pencil eyeliners.
- Lines are sharp, not blurred.
- Colour is vivid dark, not lightblack or grey.
- Longlasting, doesn't smudge when you accidently touch your eyes.
- Small packaging, convenient to bring out.

I tried the black one. It has no strong chemical or weird smell, so it should be comfortable for everyone. The gel eyeliner is soft, not clumpy! The free brush that comes along with it works perfectly as well! The best thing is, it is so inexpensive! $9.90 only!

They have other colours as well, and i think the dark blue one is not bad. There is also bronze for party occasions!!

They'll be bringing in other makeup stuffs in the future, so join their mailing list to get faster updates! :)


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