Saturday, January 16, 2010

I so wanna go for a holiday now!!
I wish i can find a job that allows me to travel every month to different countries. Heh.

Anyway, BF surprised me with this Bento breakfast that day! He used my bento box and bento belt!! Last time when i prepare bentos for him, he always bring the box home never return me one. Alot of my boxes at his house then my house left so little, sobs.

Inside is wholemeal bread with 2 eggs, 2 hotdogs, and 2 piece of cheese!

We went to Dian Xiao Er for Lunch! I like the menu design.

2nd time at Dian Xiao Er!

Watercress soup. Everytime i share soup with sx, he will drink alot until left only one scoop for me lor. (T_T)

This is dang gui roast duck. The herbal sauce very sweet and nice!!

This is golden crispy beancurd. Not nice! The tofu is not the pure plain beancurd kind that i want :(

Went over to Somerset313 afterwards. Found this fun place to decorate our own cakes!

We bought the smallest cake and some packets of decorations. Add up $20++ only!

Sx decorating it with pink icing.

Then we placed some decorations. That heart thingy chosen by sx one! At this stage i already very pleased with our design lor! I put the two flower thingy there, feel so genius so nice!

He used blue jelly to write words on top, and then used the icing to draw patterns at the side.

Time for me to paste the decorations! Hearts all over! Ok at this point the cake from nice become very childish. Lol. But no choice luh, i dont want to waste the decorations so i spam all onto the cake. haha.

Our final product!!! Nice anot?!!!!!!!

You all should go try it with your boyfriends too! :D
Other than 313somerset, The Icing Room is also available at JurongPoint! Im not sure if got other branches anot.

Little pink cafe for you to eat your cake at if you want! We didn't. We took away the cake in a pink box. The boss very clever. Lure girls in with their pink and sweet design, then guys no choice have to accompany their gfs do these stuff. haha. Sometimes i feel very blessed that my bf is the kind that very steady will do this kind of stupid stuff with me one ^^ (we created our own bear with silly ceremonies, brought our bear to the 'bear doctor', we played with the kiddy sand art stuff, etc etc)

Walked pass Kenzo and SX wanted to try the fish spa! It's $28 for 30 minutes.

I've never thought of trying it. Looking at other people doing it already irks me. I hate wriggly stuffs. Even when i was a child, i didn't like those kid fishing ponds where we use nets to pick up the small fishes.

However, i tried it. SX likes it! He even adventurously moved on to the bigger fishes after awhile. I dont dare though, even small ones i already feel so scared liao!

They say that after putting into the water, you will get used to the ticklish feeling after awhile and enjoy it. BUT even after the whole session i still feel that i haven't get used to the feeling lor! It's not just ticklish, it is also very uncomfortable when they suck on in between your toes and below your feet. The feeling is even worse when you look at the fish sucking onto YOUR FEET.

The pamphlet says "release stress and tension". I told sx that i feel like it INCREASED my stress and tension instead. My feet was shaking like jelly!

SX complain why i everything also scared one, cos i keep making noises. Lol.

SEEEEEEEE!!! Er Xin right!!

The kenzo people very thoughtful. They gave me a piece of cloth to cover my legs cos i wearing skirt then when sit down people from opposite might see me zaogeng.

Pay extra can use internet! Actually i find the ambience quite nice - WITHOUT THOSE FISHES.

After the torturing 30 mins, we went over to Orchard Central's rooftop! The outdoors neverending escalators very romantic!

Wanted to have western for dinner, and we chose this place!

I don't eat mussels though.
We told them we want the food one by one cos we don't like the whole table filled with food. Will eat until very kanchiong one!

First up, cauliflower soup.

Bf had white wine. The window seat is fully glass from the flour to the ceiling! Can see construction view! hahaha.

Tea. If eat oily thing must drink tea so that can help clear away the oil.

Starter. Chicken Wings. Love it.

Grilled Chicken with Prawn. It's nice, but nothing special.

Dory Fish with Lamb T-bone. This is super good!

Aglio e Olio with prawns. My favourite kind of pasta. Their one is like the nicest i ever ate. Im still craving for it now (T_T)

SX's coffee.

Took out our cake! No one's bday luh, bf say put candle to celebrate our 6 month anniversary which is in afew days time. We blew the candle together. haha. Boliao right.

Cabbed down to Geylang for Durians!!! Both of us like super yellow, thick and sweet kind. I dont like those bitter, soft, whitish, creamy ones.

The flash made this piece more yellow than it actually is. The one that we ate were not as yellow and thick as we wanted.

Cabbed down afew lorongs down for frogs!! I know, we non-stop eating right! SX grew a tummy within afew hours. hahaha.

It was a great day out :) I love dating.

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