Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After blowing my budget for the month on goodness-knows-what, i could only stick to budget shopping now :( I want to faster graduate so that i can go find a job that gives me a stable income instead of relying on my blog like im doing now!

SX came to pick me up after school yesterday and we picked to go Bugis, because that's where all the cheap food and clothes are.

Here are my recent shopping loots!
Quite satisfied :)

Pair of simple flats. ($16.90)

Pink floral wedges. Very comfy! ($16.90)

The apparels in this picture is damn cheap. The highest priced one is only $15!

Pink Floral Lanyard ($3)

I have many pink hairbands at home already but i like the ribbon pattern on this one! ($2.90)

I realised that bugis sell alot kinds of bottom lashes. If you want to buy, go there! ($7.90 per pair) In my opinion, although bottom lashes are easier to put on than upper lashes, it's still quite a hassle to take care of them throughout the day. I'm going to Milly's to do my eyelash extensions some time soon! Upper and lower :D When im done will let you all see picture okay!

Went to have a look at Milly's 2nd outlet at the bugis new extension and i love the new place!!! The design is still very sweet and girly. Must go visit! I think my CNY manicure i'll have it there. Even sx says that the ambience here is much better than in Far East cos space is bigger, thus more relaxed.

After i was done with shopping (actually i wasn't completely prepared to be done but i had spent all my cash and the atm to withdraw money was quite some distance away), we took neoprints!!! I remember last time me and him always take neoprints one but recently seldom already.

This machine very fun! Got many creative backgrounds. Got afew more nextime go try again. Hee. We both edited 2 pics each!! Guess which one is i edit and which one is he edit one?

1. Background is MRT. hahaha. SX say this one go mrt take photo can already.

2. Both of us in rubbish bins. Lol.

3. The classic couple picture. haha. Got bibi, bobo & bubu's name + expressions according to their character.

4. Another classic couple picture.

Went to the arcade to play photohunt. Just $4 and can play for 1 hour plus already! Budget entertainment! Haha.

We almost broke the record!!!!!!!!!!

That's my hairband on SX's head. Haha.

Okay, one day i should really learn how to end my entries properly instead of always ending it abruptedly. Bye!

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