Monday, January 4, 2010

I've got a website to introduce to you people :D

It's like FML, but this one is more optimistic.
The irony is, i have tears instead of laughter when i read the entries. Cos some of the postings are so touching!!

Here are some of the postings:

"Today, I was in the feminine-products aisle when a middle-aged man started asking me what brand I liked to use and which were the most effective, etc. It turns out that he is a single father to a preteen girl with Down Syndrome, and he was trying to find out which products work the best for his little girl. Caring, loving fathers GMH. "

"Today I was visiting my grandmother in the nursing home when I saw an elderly couple walking hand in hand. I called a nurse to ask about them thinking they were just two very confused people. The nurse told me that the woman does have severe demensia but that the man is her husband. He admitted himself so they would not be separated. He GMH "

"Today when I was working an adorable older couple came through my line. When I asked if they had found everything they needed, the woman looked at her husband and said "I found everything I needed 43 years ago." GMH. "

"I've been struggling with an eating disorder for years and weigh myself obsessively throughout the day. This morning, there was a post-it note covering the numbers on my scale that said "you're beautiful".I live with three guys. Men like that GMH. "

"Today, we were in a foreign country and my youngest sibling got hit by a car. She was injured badly. When my family couldn't all go in the ambulance to the hospital with her, the restaurant owner of the place we had just eaten drove us in his own van and waited seven hours to make sure she survived. GMH. "

"Today, while in my morning lecture one of my classmates had a seizure. Within seconds the boy behind her had grabbed her expensive laptop and put away her table, while another boy ran across the room to hold her, so she wouldn't hurt herself. A third held her shoulders while the rest of the class silently said a prayer. The unity of our class GMH "

"While doing homework on one of the university computers, I spied Sailor Moon manga on one of the others. It turned out to be a very large, imposing football player reading it. He told me that it was his little sister's new obsession and he wanted to be able to talk to her about it when she called. GMH "

"I was wearing a short sleeved shirt for the first time in years. I was nervous that when my boyfriend saw my scars he wouldn't want to be with me anymore, instead he kissed my scars, and told me that if I ever felt bad enough to hurt myself again, that he would take the pain instead. He GMH "

"I invited my crush to my house and was rejected. I called my best friend and told him what happened. Twenty minutes later, he called back and said "go outside". It was midnight and raining. I looked outside to see him soaking wet, shivering, and holding flowers. We are still together. His love GMH. "

"My grandma is sick and can't control her body. While mentally alert, she is often treated like a child. My grandpa and I were running to the grocery store when suddenly he turned around and drove all the way back home. When I asked him why he said "I forgot to Kiss your grandma goodbye". GMH. "

"My friend's younger brother just came out of 5 weeks of coma. When asked him what had "woken him up" he replied "I heard mom crying and I had to comfort her". GMH "

"My grandma recently had knee surgery and tried to tell my grandpa that he didn't need to spend all weekend at the hospital with her. He simply replied with, "Didn't I say in sickness and in health?" Their love GMH. "

Sophia sent me a little xmas + newyear card through real mail! She drew my face. Haha. So sweet.

(clearance sale deleted cos all sold. thanks!)

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