Friday, January 1, 2010

My 2009 at a glance.
I've never done this before, but it feels quite fun recapping the year, so i shall do it!

- broke up with kelvin on the night before new year. The relationship, clearly going nowhere, was dragging too long.. New year, new beginnings.
- Organised a 8 model shoot at Chinese Garden, alone (no assistant cos it used to be kelvin helping me out).

- spent valentines with arthur. Becus i had no expectations, it was better enjoyed that the past 2 years.
- went to jayden's colourful themed 21st birthday party - got on bed with benjamin, jayden, isaac, nadia and jessica. Aren't you jealous? Haha.

- Did the audi event, which led me to know Roxanne, Gillian and Angel. Im still very much in touch with the former 2, and truly thank for this assignment which led me to know a clique of girls like shuana, sophia and celine who i all love much :)
- Met one of my favourite blogger for the first time at a LG prada event. Happiest thing was that she knew who i was and does read my blog time to time. omghappy.
- Started writing articles weekly as a featured blogger on Gadget3 magazine, thanks to sabrina.

- spent much time ktving. actually, i went out ALOT, and with ALOT of people this month.
- got to know sx.
- Chopped off my side fringe and became bangs.

- Financially great for this month, hee.
- Organised the biggest scaled shoot i ever did. Partnered with Sophia and had shuana and roxanne as assistants. Shoot was done at the biggest suite in Naumihotel, and lots of hardwork was put into organising this shoot which consisted of 10 models and many photographers. Had fun after the shoot, because the hotel room is all ours. Heh.

- This and July was the best month of 2009. I got to know sx better and we talked and hung out more.
- Danced for the first time at a club (omg loser i know! for the other times i went clubbing i only drank and never danced at all!!)
- Participated in the nuffnang bloggers flashmob at Orchard!

- Got together with sx.
- A happy month. Haha.

- My fingers eczema problem started around this time, and never did get cured. Lucky sx does not xianqi my rotting fingers!
- Made a bear called Bibi at the Bears Workshop with sx.
- Received my first bouquet of flowers from him.

- Still in honeymoon period with sx. lol.
- Bought 6inch heels, highest pair i own currently.
- Started MySecretRose, my online blogshop.

- Attended Nuffnang blog awards.
- Started interest in bento making.

- Saw BY2 in real life while attending Skechers' opening event at ion.
- HP mini arrived. Pretty gem, first time paying for my own laptop.
- Attended AngelaChang's concert at Max Pavillion.
- Rented a retail space at BestofBlogshops in FarEastPlaza for MySecretRose.

- Mum accepted Sx (finally-_-)
- Went Genting.

Seem like a mundane year.
Loved the months around June and July. Best and happiest months of the year.

Okay Goodnight.
May 2010 be a better year! :D

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