Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm feeling sleepy now but while waiting for bf to finish bathing and call me, i shall blog some pictures!

You know what? I think for the recent months my life very boring leh! Like nothing blogworthy one. Haha. Last time when i have more time, i go out alot with friends and attend events, but nowadays im stuck in school, at work, and with sx. And the only thing the both of us do together when we date is EAT -_-

Was at Shaw, and we chose this little japanese restaurant called Hoshi-somethingsomething one.

Dessert time at CoffeeClub because sx doesn't like the service at that hoshi-somethingsomething restaurant.

I like nicely presented food! Makes the phototaking so much easier!

I blog food until i also sian already lor. zzzzzzzz.

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