Wednesday, January 6, 2010


As usual like every year, we spent the night over at WeiJun's house. (so unromantic, i know!! T_T )

WeiJun's father celebrates birthday on the last day of the year and WeiJun's little sister XinYi, celebrates her birthday on the first of every year. And what's the benefit? They get to save on the cake money.

At 11.55pm on 31st Dec, everyone will sing birthday song for uncle and he would then blow out the candles. After which, he would take out his candles, leaving one candle for little XinYi, relighted. And when the clock strikes 12am, everyone would sing birthday song for her and she blows out her candle.

Afterwhich, we all eat the cake which has been celebrated for 2 people. This year, it's Durian Cake.

So.... yeap. The first thing i ate on the year 2010 is a Durian Cake.

I spent the first few hours of the new year feeling a bit emo, thus the previous emo post some days back. I have no idea why the emo-monster struck me so suddenly.

I've recovered, i think.

Went to sleep at 4am, and woke up at a rather absurd early hour. Headed downstairs for breakfast (a very un-yummy wanton noodle).

After a very long breakfast, we are finally ready to set off for the FARM MART !!!!

When i was younger, our families would go to various individual farms in near yiochukang. Our cars would drive in a row and visit the farms one by one. Fishes, goats, chickens, vegetables, etc. It was quite fun. However, the farms are now restricted and we cannot visit them anyhow like we used to already. Sad.

But there is Farmart, a more modernized "farm" for us to visit.

It's more like a commercialised place for farmers to sell their fresh eggs, milk, seafood, etc.

Birds. That's not my finger. Im afraid of birds, i wont allow them to go any nearer at 50cm away.

I always have the phobia of birds poking me with their beaks.

I think the colour of this particular bird is pretty! Light green.

We passed by this pond which had alot of big fat koi fishes. I dont know why they dont look as fat in the pictures, but they really look enormous in real life! It's no wonder how they grew so plump, because kids were throwing fish food into the water every minute.

We went into the seafood place. There were live crabs, prawns, lobsters, clams, fishes.

After passing by the prawning site, we found this little fun place!

Tortoises stacking on top of each other. Does anyone know why they love doing this??

Little ones that can be kept as pets.

The goat!!!! It's damn cute. Not physically cute, but it's actions very cute one! As though it's a real human! It's very greedy for food. Almost all the time there would be kids feeding it leaves, but it would never reject the food. Instead, it will follow the direction of people holding leaves! For example, if you walk towards the right with a bunch of leaves in your hands, she would move towards the right too! Eat so much wont full one meh?! Beside her "room", is another room which stores 2 baby goats. The goats were less cute compared to her, and more attention was given to this big goat.

Bull frogs. They are damn act-cool. They sit in the water, not moving at all, staring at us with their creepy eyes. If not for their pumping throat, i would have thought they are ornaments.


There is also this thingy- a pond with fishes that eats dead skin off your feet! I didnt try it though. Too afraid to try. Haha.

Look at the amount of fishes around her feet! Scary!

We went shopping at Jurong Point afterwards and had dinner at Fish&co.

I love the seafood platter. Except for mussels which i dont eat, the rest are fantastic.

Good ol'fish&chips.

That's swordfish collar.

A picture of myself to end this entry! BB!

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