Friday, January 29, 2010

Yesterday was Benjamin's Birthday!

Was invited to his birthday party last week!!

He had limited spaces for the venue, thus i only know afew people there!

I was surprisingly EARLY!!! You know why?
Benjamin asked me to reach at 7.30pm.
Thus, isaac and jayden arranged to meet me 7.30pm at Tanjong Pagar. I reached at 7pm and called the guys. Isaac told me he just started his journey -_- And guess where's Jayden? AT HOME DOING HIS HAIR!!!!!!! I concluded that he'll be VERY late. hahaha.

In the end i waited alone for Isaac for like 50 minutes and i was so glad when he finally reached. I dont mind being alone but only if im at some place with entertainment like shopping! Being alone at Tanjong Pagar is like the most boring experience ever.

And when we reached the party venue, we were one of the first few guests!!!! Benjamin confessed that he told us an earlier timing because "bloggers confirm always late one"

Cookies for all guests!

That was a projector screen showing benjamin's pictures with some of his friends. GOT MY PHOTO but damn ugly lah! It was taken in 2007 and i was alot fatter back then! This photo was taken when we did the youthpark shoot that time. (jessie, miko and ben in the picture!)

Got alot more of ben pictures during his younger days. His style changed alot! I kept laughing at his photos.

Check out Jayden's envelope shirt! Damn cool right! I like! Got stamp somemore. Lol.

With the birthday boy.

With Isaac! Look at his dramatic hair. Lol

Benjamin dont allow us to get non-alcoholic drinks -.-
That's jayden's barley which has damn strong alcohol in it, Isaac's drink (forgot what flavour), and my tequila lime.

Lucky jayden bought fruitpunch in the end and took a cup of icewater for me! If not i would look like a red lobster in the pictures!

3 of us~!

That's randy and audi.

Me with Jayden's chocolate bar iphone. Haha. Yum!

Ben's suppose-to-be-touching video which turned out hilarious.

The huge birthday cake!

Looking at this picture, respectively from left:
1988 baby, 1989 baby, 1990 baby, and 1991 baby.

Which is totally like the picture we took during me and isaac's birthday bash in 2007!! (that time we also sat in a sequence with our ages one after the other~)

Looking back at that picture (see my archives), gosh, how much the four of us changed in our looks!

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