Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Do you remember playing these fire sticks when you are young?

Before the new year, me and sis went to our cousin's chalet. The aunties and uncles there dont recognise me after so many years. They thought that i am sis's friend. Haha.

Played fire sticks with the cousins at the playground. We had one whole box, and the kids were happily playing it one after another.

I stopped at the third stick. The ones we played was noisy and scary cos when you transfer the sparks from one stick to another, there would be a very loud sound and it feels like the fire is shooting out.

I prefer the quieter ones. Feels more safe, and it can draw things while you use camera to capture. This one cannot :(

Anyway, i had a great time today. Will blog about it soon. Meanwhile, it's time for me to hug my pillows. Gdnight!

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