Monday, January 11, 2010

Im watching the last few episodes of 'Together' on Mobtv. Now i abit scared that after this series end, i will have nothing to watch and no show to "chase" already. =(

It has been so long since i met up with my lovely girlfriends. I've been abit too occupied with the other areas in my life!

School life.
It's my final year for the diploma and i had to buck up with my attendance and grades in order to graduate. It's already impossible for me to get into university with my current GPA grades but i want to at least get a diploma cert after 3 long years. Gosh, the 3 years in poly feels longer than my 4 years in secondary school! Perhaps it's the environment that i never quite liked. I wont want to stay another year, so im trying my best to get better grades now.

Me and SX meet almost everyday. Compared to all my relationships, this must be the only boyfriend that wants to meet me all the time. Usually guys want to have their own space, but sx would suggest meeting me whenever there is a chance. Only when i die die cannot go out then he will go out with his friends. Sometimes i ask him if he wants to hang out with his friends more so that they wont say he "zhong se qin you" but he would always insist on meeting me. Before being with me, he's the kind that go out with his friends almost everynight one, so i dont know why the sudden change. Nevertheless, it's good for me luh! Better than boyfriends that place friends above me right. Haha.

And so.
I met up with these pretty girls for dinner afew days back.

I always eat ChaShu ramen at ajisen!

Sophia's volcano. She finished her soup but her noodles was left untouched!!!!


Audrey's giant ikan bilis. Lol.

Sophia and her bf. Hee.

i'm the tallest! wheee.

Roxanne brought her polaroids and we had photos taken!

Went shopping afterwards. Didnt get to buy any pretty clothes though.

Got these items recently!

Top left corner is SkinLite facemasks. They are cheap and good - at least it does its purpose of hydrating my face. I only buy hydrating, moisturising, brightening and whitening masks, because that's what i need and want! (anyway i dont know what's the difference between hydrating and moisturing masks leh! can someone enlighten me??)

Below them, are smaller packets of liquid facemask. On days when i have a pimple, i would use it instead of the full piece facemasks so that i can choose where to put my mask and not touch the pimple.

Beside them are some random brand eye patches on days when i have not enough sleep and need to soothen my swollen eyes. Trust me, i have swollen face and eyes all the time whenever i sleep too little. The Bioessence ones are for more important days :)

The pinklady pieces are eyelid stickers, and below them is this white collagen essence that i havent tried yet. For skin whitening!

Pink leopard wallet! Very cheap lor, 3 for $10. Bought it with Roxanne and she got the other 2 designs! Then there is the faux eyelashes. Upper and lower lashes. I have thicker upper faux lashes but i think i prefer this kind now.

Met up to go home with sx afterwards!

I want to go out with the girls more!

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