Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chinese New Year.

Greetings from bobo. hee.

Tuan Yuan Fan.
Reunion Dinner!

Mum cooked 5 yummy dishes!

Nian Nian You Yu!!

Xi Ha Da Xiao!

Pork with Asparagus.
Asparagus in chinese means RU SHUN, which also means a road with no obstacles.

Steam chicken. The veggies got CNY meaning one but i forgot what it is. haha.

Day One.
It's the most important day! Must smile whole day cos they say if you are happy on the first day of the year you will be happy for the rest of the year but if you cried on the first day, you will be unhappy for the rest of the year.

Went to several relatives houses, no gambling! Mostly old people and little kids. Me and sis depended on the TV lame shows for entertainment.

Alot of my relatives complimented my looks on the first day!!!! A great start to the new year! Lol. I don't think they really meant that I look pretty. They just meant that i look prettier than how i look 5 years ago - which is impossible to not top. Everyone would look prettier than how i looked 5 years ago.

Actually i looked the same as how i did when i was 4 years old. Just that the face you see now has a new mask with several layers of makeup. Haha.

Fortunately for me as well, makeup was easy for that day! On some days i have bad-face-days which makes makeup look really bad on my face. But i kena good-face-day on Chu Yi!!! Good sign! I know it looks like too much eyeliner in this picture but that's only cos my eyes are slightly squinted! It looks perfect when i open my eyes fully!

My zodaics says must wear red on the first day but i didn't get any pretty red dresses, so i had red nailpolish! Counted also la right. I actually also wanted to wear red lingerie inside as well but FORGOT!!!!!!! T_T Now my luck will only be as tiny as my fingernails :(

Went to my Grandma's mum house. I love their interior!!!!!! Like floral palace lor! At first sight when entering, opposite you is a mirror with a plant infront. Like hotel lobby design right!
(side angle in this picture)

Behind this window is the balcony! I loved the sofa, the curtains and the concept.

The place is huge! Here's one of the bedrooms. The big window is prettily shaped above the bed, with floral curtains. Then there is a wall separating the dressing table as well! Very grand leh!

Nextime i also want to decorate my home like that!

Day Two.

After visiting a relative, my family went to the nearby bugis junction to have some drinks! I think the menu is super cute! In the shape of a bowl. Lol.

After that we went home and it was time for SX to come over and bai nian!! SX was so nervous cos although he met my mum afew times before, but it was the first time meeting my dad!

SX was so afraid that my dad would be fierce to him. My dad where got fierce! My dad very nice to strangers one. Lol.


Lots of my childhood friends and their families came over to our house to bai nian! Damn fun one cos everyone is humourous kind. Played blackjack - there was two gambling tables and i was at the low bet one (lowest bet: 10cents, highest bet: $2 ). The higher bet one was lowest $2, highest bet $5.

In the end i lost money lor! A couple of bucks!!

Someone won $50++ from the high bet table. *envies*

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