Sunday, February 28, 2010

Drinking ABC soup now!! Damn nice.

Many of you do not know about this - i work as a waitress in a restaurant. It has been around 2 years already! I'm not going to tell you where though, because I usually do not wear makeup to work. Haha.

I used to do events and manage models in the past but after I stopped doing all those, I depended solely on my blog for food, transport, shopping. But being the filial daughter i am (^^), I'm working extra, this part time job, to contribute to the household income.

Many memories were formed while working in this place. I had fun with the colleagues and one of the major point is getting to know SX here.

Sometimes i meet nasty or rude customers, while sometimes I meet rich people with gracious manners. You know what? Although they say that customers are always right, the service staff ALWAYS end up serving the nicer people better. It's just human nature. In front of smiley, polite people, you just naturally feel better around them.

Like today.
I dropped two glass bowls at work. (i dropped a cup during breakfast, don't know what's wrong with myself today. must be the lack of sleep!) It shattered to about a million pieces, and I swept them up. After awhile, a mother from a nearby table asked me for a plaster. Then it crossed my mind that a broken piece must have flew and scratched her. When passing her the plaster, I asked if it was my broken bowl which caused her little injury.

She nodded her head and gave the secretive "sheesh" look and sign because my boss was nearby. She did not want to get me into trouble. HOW NICE!!!!! Usually customers would throw a big fuss about it lor!

I was very apologetic to her about it but she kept saying it's fine. Before the incident, while i was ordering her food, I also admired the way she handled her daughter. She gave me the impression that she was a cool, open-minded mum. She talks to her daughter with respect and like a friend. In turn, her daughter was well-behaved throughout the meal and also looked quite clever. Guess that's her good karma :)

She totally brightened up my day. Nice people makes me happy.

I met a couple of other nice people too, like people who helped with passing around the rice so that i don't have to go around the table.... Like people who automatically helped to pass me their plates while i was changing plates for them. These little gestures may seem small but they leave a good impression.

Remember, the next time you want good service, treat the service crew with respect too. They are not your slaves. I make it a point to always say thankyou when people serve me. It's only polite and from first-hand experience, it makes the service staff want to serve you with more enthusiasm.

One of the downturn of this job though, is that I kena a painful burn on my finger just now. Ouch :(

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