Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Woodshed 204

This happened on the day I lost my camera and a miracle brought it back to me! Read about it here:

So, bf brought me to Woodshed for brunch. It is located on Rangoon Road and until now I have no idea which part of Singapore that place belongs to. Haha.

The moment I entered the cafe, instead of fragrant coffee and food, the first smell I noticed was "Ikea warehouse"... Not sure why, but maybe because the place is relatively new! The design of the place is very "industrial", with different sets of chairs and tables of different designs. The lighting was dim too.

I think my choice of breakfast is kinda good! I love how this dish is quite unique and not found in most brunch cafes.

Bf had his usual breakfast platter of everything. I still prefer mine above, just because it looks prettier!

Dessert after. Honestly, this happened some time back so I don't really remember the food much. I guess it didn't really leave an impression!

Cozy sofa seats in a corner...

Wearing Jacket from Femmex. Love the lace sleeve!

Just trying to clear my backlogs.... Will be back with more elaborate entries! *Note to self: Blog about things as soon as it happens so that I don't forget the experience!

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