Monday, June 30, 2014

Giveaway for 3 lucky readers!

Read on to WIN:
- $30 worth Essensuals Bugis vouchers
- Professionals Hair Care and Styling Products
- Essensuals Bugis Membership Card

Finally had time to do hair treatment at my hair salon Essensuals Bugis! As usual, there was warm hospitality with drinks and snack served while we get our hair pampered!

My stylist Wayne applying treatment on my hair. If you are heading to Essensuals Bugis, I highly recommend Wayne at Essensuals Bugis. He is one of the best stylist I had - He knows my hair best, the styles that are suitable for me, and is always patient even when I didn't take care of my hair resulting in him always having to detangle my extremely tangled hair (it is probably a horror story for every stylist). My hair is very fine so I have a tangling problem but I always leave each session at Essensuals Bugis with beautiful hair! Remember to make an appointment before heading down as he might have other customers! You may call 63330039 to book a time slot.

Pretty hair after treatment! Smooth and silky!

To thank my readers for the continuous support of Essensuals Bugis, Essensuals Bugis will be rewarding 3 of my readers with a giveaway!

- $30 worth Essensuals Bugis vouchers
- Professionals Hair Care and Styling Products
- Membership Card

How to take part:
- Leave a comment on my instagram photo:  with the hashtag #loveessensualsbugis! (e.g #loveessensualsbugis because they are so friendly) and your email address!

**Terms and Conditions**
- All entries / post must have an email address
- Only users with the hashtag #loveessensualsbugis will be eligible.
- Essensuals Bugis's decisions will be final and all prizes are not exchangeable
for cash.


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