Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Found an awesome dining place again and I want to share!!!! But I think most of you already heard of this place bah! Yoogane is very popular in Korea with over 130 outlets and have recently opened their first branch in Singapore. So when Nadia suggested to have dinner here, I said ok immediately!!!

A day before our meet up, I read on magazines and online reviews that the food was not really worth the queue and service was not up to standard. However, I had a very pleasant dining experience although we waited around 30 minutes for a table. I find that quite reasonable because the food was awesome and 30 minutes spent chatting with friends while queuing is not that bad.

Free flow vegetables and sides although it wasn't tempting for me.

We ordered the fried rice with cheese and chicken. It was lucky we only ordered portion for 2 pax because it was just nice for 4 of us. We can cook ourselves but we chose to have the service staff help us with it. Our staff was polite and nice and did our rice really well! In case you are cooking yourself.... here's what he did to achieve the yumminess we had! He first cooked the chicken, then pour in the rice, then put the cheese on top, then fold the rice to cover the cheese. Then, spread the rice over the entire pan. Not sure if you understand what I meant. Hahaha. Luckily we had him to help us cook else if we ownself mix everything in, maybe the taste would not be as good! It was extremely yummy by the way. I loveeeeeeeee it! MUST-ORDER. (Oops, I just read some other blogs and it seems like different service staff have different steps and ways of cooking the same thing....)

Photo with sweet Fidelis before we tuck in!

Nadia and Jacelyn! Realize that my sequence of photos is totally wrong. Haha. This one the chicken not even cooked yet! Then the above one is mixed but half cooked without rice! Then the above above one is when it's almost done!

We ordered the seafood pancake too. Too much leek for me but not bad.

Chicken Stew.

Anyway, they have free charging stations and aprons provided too! The only downside to dining at Yoogane is the smell on our clothes after eating.

We ordered all the soft drinks available on the menu. Haha.

Highly recommend! But judging from the mixed reviews and disappointments of some other diners..... don't blame me if you go on a bad day ok. Haha.

200 Victoria Street
Bugis Junction #02-47/48
Singapore 188021

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