Sunday, June 15, 2014

Braces: Review and Mould

After gum treatment, this was the first official session for braces! To read all my entries featuring my braces journey, click HERE. While researching for braces, I realize that there are very few braces journey blog entries based in Singapore, so I hope that all my entries would be a good reference point for any of you who are planning to get braces and understand what to expect! :)

So for this session, it was just a review to plan which tooth to extract and to do my teeth mould! It was a relatively relaxing and scare-free appointment for me! Asked Dr Sham some questions about braces which I was worrying about! I was very afraid that I would look uglier with braces! Haha.

One of my main concern was whether it would be worth it. Many people who exclaimed that braces was the best decision ever, were the ones with very crooked teeth to begin with. Putting on braces was 90% bound to make them look better. But I had acceptable teeth... Not perfect, but no overcrowding issue and straighter than many people... I was unsure if the risk would be worth it. I had no idea how I would look like after braces. What if my features looked better with my current face before braces? What happens if I grow old and got lazy with retainers? My side view was bad but I felt that my front view was relatively ok, not very pretty but at least average. It wasn't a major problem in my life and I felt contented with my looks so I was kinda afraid I would regret braces. But I think if I do not do it now, I might regret in the future too! Furthermore, I have total trust in Dr Sham so.... I gave it a go!

Here are some photos of how TLC Dental Centre looks like. I like the clean, and simple interior!

One thing I noticed on my previous visit was that.... the dentist chair is quite comfy leh. Haha.

Reviewing of my teeth and Dr Sham telling me which tooth will be extracted.... Total of 4 - two from top row and 2 from below.

Then, we took some photos for comparison!

Afterwards was the mould part. Many people said that it was the most uncomfortable for them and made them gag... For me, I think it was quite bearable, though the taste of the mould was quite unpleasant like plasticine. Photos were also taken of my teeth.

The different types of braces available - Metal, Ceramic, Invisalign.

Dr Sham explaining more about ceramic braces and what to expect.

This is how ceramic braces would look like on teeth! It is almost invisible! Can't really be seen unless close up. Definitely a good choice for people who are not suitable for invisalign!

More updates about my tooth extraction and braces fitting soon!

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  1. Hi Esther, would you mind telling me how much your whole braces journey costed you as a whole? Thank you! It would help me a lot! :))