Friday, June 20, 2014

Escape Room Games

I thought that I did a draft blog entry on this before but I can't find it anywhere. Guess I have to try and remember what happened!

I first found out about these Escape Room games earlier this year and was quite keen to go! My colleagues were also interested and so we went! I honestly thought that we are super clever and confirm can win the game..... Guess what, we failed on the first attempt just because we think too much.

The attendant told us to save the "help call" towards the end and not waste it too early in the game. Shouldn't have listened to him because we got stuck for very long before we pressed the help button and turns out one clue leads to another very quickly. Wasted so much time! In the end the game was straightforward and had nothing to do with its back story. Apparently this was the easiest game at FreeingSG and we did not manage to solve it. Quite saddening!

The 2nd time, we got more people and tried a game at Breakout - "Forever Young". My conclusion is.... too many cooks spoil the broth.... Hahaha.

We started off trying to think as little as possible after the first game but actually the clues in this room required more "thinking out of the box". Glad that we eventually did win the game! I did feel that the puzzles in this game was much more fun and interesting compared to the first escape game we played. Thumbs up for Breakout!

And because Breakout left such a good impression on me, I decided to bring bf and his friends for a session! There were only three games at Breakout and since I already played "Forever Young", we have "The Magician" and "The Scientist" to choose from. We started with "The Scientist" and bf was so into the game that he asked that we play "The Magician" right after! Haha.

"The Scientist" was supposedly easier than "The Magician" but I felt otherwise! "The Scientist" was extremely difficult in my opinion and we only managed to win because of his friend who was damn good at figuring out the clues. I thought that the solutions were quite unlikely for a normal person to think of!

Although they said "The Magician" was difficult, I thought that the clues were easier to solve, just that there were a lot more puzzles to break in this room, hence, we didn't have enough time to solve all. We almost won by just 1 last puzzle! This is my favourite room because this is the most logical room in my opinion. The puzzles were also very interesting.

So much fun! I hope to play more escape room games after this!

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