Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Miska at Quayside Isle

I have been wanting to visit Quayside Isle ever since I saw the pretty photos on Instagram. Didn't really plan what to eat, so we settled on the nearest one we saw the moment we reached - Miska Cafe. Brunch food again. While ordering, many items on the menu were out of stock and we had to change our orders plenty times before we finally got something that was available. The food was kinda mediocre... but we got an awesome view! It was raining that day, so I ended up taking my OOTD in the rain just to feature the pretty view! Settled in another nearby cafĂ© while waiting for the rain to stop but the rain just kept going so in the end we just ran into the rain, snap snap, and left. Haha.

Would love to come by again and I hope this time it would be sunshine!

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