Saturday, June 28, 2014

Alive Museum

After visiting Trick Eye Museum earlier this month, me and bf decided to visit the Alive Museum at Suntec City Mall which also opened around the same time!

We took way lesser photos this time though...

First, we totally regretted entering once we saw the crowd inside. There was no capacity control at the entrance and there were too many people standing around, it was almost impossible to take photos properly without any butts getting in the way. It was annoying having to squeeze with so many people and we skipped many of the earlier galleries since they didn't look interesting anyway. We got stuck at a few points. At one, a small corridor led to another room but that corridor had some drawings on the wall which many people want to take photos with. Even people who did not want to take photos in that corridor have to wait for the queue in front to finish taking photos one by one before moving on, since the art filled the entire corridor and it would not be possible to cross the corridor while someone is taking a photo. Then, after that corridor, the crowd was worse. The rooms were very small and it was super jam, like in orchard road during Christmas, and the crowd was not moving at all for awhile.

Luckily, around the middle there weren't that many people and we could finally enjoy ourselves. The exhibits were also better in the later half of the museum and we had fun snapping pics!

My fave photo from that day was on this love boat!
When we took this photo, I got super awkward because bf really went to look deeply into my eyes. After dating for so long, I don't remember him doing that to me before. Hahahah. Suddenly like that make me shy!

I think the photo angles are quite accurate and easy to achieve. Can you see where the wall ends here?

We had to constantly "excuse me" people to get this shot. And there was a door right behind, which constantly had people from another room coming through. Although this photo look very empty, there were actually many people on the left, right, and behind the camera. Haha.

I am in a doll box!!

This one was quite interesting. When you pose, a strong gust of wind comes your way. Very unexpected!

Ending off with this shot! :)

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