Thursday, June 5, 2014

June's Nails

Nails for June!

I was in a rush that day so I could not do an elaborate design, but I did not want to settle for plain nails too. Decided to do this pretty design which does not take up much time to do, yet not too simple! I recommend this if you don't have time or dislike sitting too long in the salon! It only takes maybe 5 minutes more than plain gelish nails so I think it's extremely worth it (in terms of time spent in the salon). This design can also be repeated many times just by changing colour!

Some tips if you are in a hurry, yet want something different from your usual one-color-plain-manicure:
- Avoid thin, delicate lines
- Avoid cartoons/ accurate drawings
- Use embellishments to fill up the nail (It's faster to stick on than draw. For example, my chrome heart nails was extremely fast)
- Use different colors (Maybe all fingers pink and fourth finger bling? It would take the same time as all fingers same colors)
- Polkadots

But of course, if you have time, do intricate nail designs! They will be on your fingers for 1.5 months and everytime you look at your pretty nails, you will feel very happy!

I also recently compiled all the photos I can find of my nails done at Millys over the years, and uploaded it in the tab above! (Click on NAILS). There is a variety of different designs ranging from bling to simple and maybe you can find some inspirations for yourself before heading to the salon!

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