Thursday, June 12, 2014

Trick Eye Museum

Not long ago, I found out about the Trick Eye Museum in Korea while browsing Instagram and told bf that one day we must go visit! Was lamenting to him about why there aren't such fun museums in Singapore.

Then, while doing some research, I saw an article earlier this year about Trick Eye Museum opening in Resorts World Sentosa in mid-2014! I was super excited!

Then, just awhile later, I received an email with an invite to Trick Eye Museum's Grand Opening, and I was so happy!!!

We took so many photos inside that day, this is going to be a very photo-intensive post! And this is AFTER I sorted the photos and chose only some to post! There are a lot more still lying in my folder but I think you all go and experience it yourself better! We went from station to station taking photos and because I was so trigger happy, my camera gave me the "memory full" signal a few times and I had to keep pausing to delete old photos! Remember to clear your memory card before going!

Also, the museum is rather huge and we spent a long time in there. Towards the end, I got kinda tired because there were just so many photo stations! Also, if you are planning to go, one tip for you all is to wear comfortably, preferably t-shirt and shorts because there will be many times you need to crouch, crawl, lie down, etc. Very unglam if you wear a mini dress!

I almost wanted to caption this "I think we have the perfect couples height because both of us fitted perfectly! (although I am wearing wedges)"..... But I realize he was also tip-toeing in the photo -_-

I suppose I wouldn't be smiling if my boyfriend was really hanging on a bamboo stick over a fire canal.... Haha.

Me levitating! Anyway bf is a lousy photographer. Look at the crooked door! Wrong angle lah.... Haha.

Me and my summer holiday!

Me and my angelic wings!

My bf is angelic too! Haha.

One of my favourite photo is this below! He really does look like he's jumping into the water!

 Me on an elephant's trunk! Don't think I dare to do what in real life..... haha.

Let me out~!!!!!


My balancing skills are awesome! Can you do it too? :D

Just a nice photo....Don't really have any meaning.

Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon.

Hi Panda!

Which is the real me?!?!

Plenty of kind strangers at the museum, taking turns to help couples take photos :)


Anyway, I realize that I am super bad at acting..... Look at this. Kena eaten by fish still so calm and half-hearted attempt to ask for help.

Then, look at this. Look at how dramatic he is. As though he is really about to be eaten by the fish.... Lol.

I cannot do those kind of expressions lah.... I can only do nice, normal photos.... Haha. So glad I had him to do all the stupid expressions so that my entry won't be just boring o' me!

Most of the exhibits have "example" photos at the side in case you are not sure how you should be posing!

Another nice photo! :)

Had so much fun! No wonder it's ranked number 1 museum in Korea!

Trick Eye Museum is located at Resorts World Sentosa! Half price for entry tickets now till 22nd June 2014! :)

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  1. Hello Esther, thank you for visiting Trick Eye Museum in Singapore and hope you had great time with us. We would like to share some of your photo at TEM in our blog for English speakers ( If it's ok with you, please let us know. Thank you! :)