Friday, March 14, 2014

Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Just went to remove my wisdom tooth today!

I was super dreading it and kept whining about it yesterday to everyone around me. Then, today came...

These were my thoughts:


Less than 24 hours to the surgery.
The clock is going tiktoktiktok.
My heart is going pikpokpikpok.

This morning

Things running through my mind:
1. I'm scared of the GA injection.
2. I'm scared of post-surgery
3. Is wisdom tooth pain more painful or wisdom tooth post-surgery more painful?
4. I'm so hungry
5. What if I accidentally laugh after the surgery? can imagine how painful that would be!
6. How do I know if I'm suitable for GA? I've never went under GA and my parents/sis have not either.
7. Hopefully the numbing cream on my gums can last the entire day. Or till it heals.
8. OMG I think the bleeding would be horrible. I dunwan swallow blood and I dunwan change gauze. Heard after GA will feel like vomiting. Vomit with bleeding gums?!
9. I'm really hungry.
10. Cannot eat cannot drink. But I'm hungry.
11. I'm so awake. GA really can make me sleep?
12. Some people say it's nth but some say it's excruciating.
13. Couldn't sleep last night. Too worried I think.
14. Aiyo really can already imagine how painful cut-up gums would be.
15. Disgusting leh.
16. Hungry.


On the way to the dental clinic. Scared max. Suddenly felt that bf is extremely unsympathetic and not comforting at all. Sighhhhh.


My dentist say that I confirm will pain 3-4 days. :( hope he is bluff me one! Told him I hope the numbness last the entire days so that I feel less pain. Now I regret saying this. (scroll down for why)


When I finally sat on the dentist chair, I suddenly have a strong urge to run away. I asked the doctor what to take note of after going under general anesthesia. He said "don't anyhow sign things".... Haha!

The anesthesia took longer than I thought to take effect. From what I read online, it's usually by the count of 3. But I still had a conversation about Birkins and Chanel and diamond rings with the doctor before I suddenly fell asleep! I even remember how in my mind I praise myself for being brave because I was calm when the injection went in.... though my heart was pounding hard!

1.30pm - 2pm?

When I woke up, the surgery was still ongoing. So scary! The doctor is stitching or something? I see people hovering over me. I tried to signal that I'm awake but nobody seem to notice or notice already but don't care.

Now that I think back, I think it's probably a dream?


Woke up for real. Wanted to continue sleeping but bf told me to sleep in his car instead while he drive me back. And so I did~ Attempted to talk to him but he didn't understand a single word. I remember he stopped midway and went down to buy ice cream and Lao Ban beancurd~ Didn't notice him coming back to the car and when I woke up, we were at my house.


Finally home. Now I'm worried about how to change my gauze and swallow down so many medicine later. My mouth is totally numb and I can't really open it! Hope it won't be too disgusting. I laid on my bed and tried to sleep while Bf stayed in the house with me till mum gets home.


Mum is home! Unlike bf, mum understood my mumbling words! Haha.

Just realize that i forgot to ask the dentist a lot of questions for post-surgery.

Then, while trying to take out the gauze in the bathroom, I suddenly felt my vision blacking-out and the strong urge to vomit and faint at the same time. Probably the side effects of the anesthesia.

I touched my lips and realize I really cannot feel anything at all! Tried drinking water and most of it went down my shirt instead of down my throat. How to swallow my pills!! I was shocked because I expected like 1 pill and 1 painkiller, but I have 8 different types of pills to take for recovery. Put in new gauze after my pills but I think I didn't put at the correct spot. Feel like gagging!


The numbness is still going strong. Just placed ice near my face to reduce swelling.

Oh, and can feel a little bit of pain coming up already. But the painkillers are supposed to last 8 hours for each dosage... Anyway, I can't really close my mouth properly now and I feel like I keep drooling. Haha.


Oh no, I just read that sneezing might cause this painful thing called dry socket. Scary max.

Now, I hope for a quick and smooth recovery! Please let my stitches dissolve properly on its own ok! After this, time to worry about gum treatment and braces. Hope it will be easy breezy and painless!


Omg I'm so hungry. Only had a small cup of ice cream since last night's dinner!


Eating Lao Ban Beancurd and thinking what a good "wisdom tooth surgery" food it is. Yummy, filling, soft, cold.


A call from the dentist. Wow, after-ops-care! Anyway, the dentist told me that right after the surgery, even after they close the machine and removed the drip, and tried to wake me up, I was still in deep sleep. They guess I was too tired and let me continue sleeping until bf came along and woke me up. Haha. Anyway, out of the 4 that was extracted, 3 of them came out in one piece and only one had to be broken down. The numbness has gone off a little and now it's only a little numb + some aching, but bearable type. Phew! Hopefully this is the max!! Have to thank the dentist for giving me stronger painkillers after knowing how afraid I am of the pain! Can't wait to fully recover!

Instant updates on! Follow me there!

Anyway, sometime back I was feeling unhappy and these are my shopping therapy hauls! New wallet, two-sided floral teacup, ice pop mold, ice pop storage, ice pop tools, icecream cone holder, iPad cover, cake holder, Arianne and Amrita Singh earrings! Original price worth $600 over but I got it at a superb deal thanks to colleagues with bargaining talent and some

So anyway, I used the ice-pop maker to make orange ice pops one day! Extremely easy!

After finishing the orange ice pops, I poured tap-water in and they are now the ice-packs for my swelling post-surgery cheeks. So useful~!


  1. Well, you have explain the whole day of and process of your wisdom tooth removal surgery in very interesting way that exactly show how much you worry or excited as well as have fear of wisdom tooth pain but I hope now your surgery completed successfully and you must be relaxed.

  2. for many people, wisdom tooth surgery is a painful process but in reality, it is not that painful at all, its just the fear of unknown

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  5. Hi! May I know where did you get your wisdom teeth extracted?

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