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Monday, March 10, 2014


靜悄悄 亂紛紛
都輸給了時間 卻沒有辜負青春

他誠懇 才不讓你等
你失落了黃昏 卻換來平靜夜深

所謂魔鬼留下的傷痕 都是天使的指紋

燈火闌珊 何必急於看到那個人
能睡得安穩都只因為 那盞還沒開的燈

亮晶晶 黑沉沉

開了窗 關上門
誰給了你寂寞 寂寞還給你新生

誰的吻 都值得感恩
淚淋熄了慾望 笑卻雕琢了皺紋

同時釋放了你 你為何不轉身

眾裡尋人 錯愛只是為真愛作證
每次告別留下的傷痕 都是天使的指紋

你急著要看到那個人 他也在尋找你的身影

I make irrational decisions if my heart leans towards it.
Because, who can guarantee that a "rational decision" would turn out 100% right?
Both ways, it's a risk. So, I'd take whatever life gives and work it out the best way.

Seeing things from a bigger perspective, has certainly helped a big way. We are just little beings, and our little struggles are just, little struggles.

I'd never give up till my heart does. I believe that life will keep bringing me to better places, and if I am not there yet, it's just not the right time yet. Everything happens for a reason, and there is a time for everything.

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