Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bridal Spa Party

After our staycation at Grand Park Orchard, the next bridesmaid activity was Bridal Spa Party, kindly hosted by Chrysalis Spa thanks to the bride, Nadia!

The place was decorated according to the nautical theme by Merryloveweddings and I must say the decor was well done!

Before the pampering starts, we took photos, chatted, and filmed a snippet for her wedding video. Photo of the bridesmaids and bride - checkout our outfits based on the theme~ All blue/white, and then add the red cushions.... Nautical! Haha.

Received our bridesmaids dresses from Clubcouture!! Elaine in yellow, Fidelis in dark blue, Carrie in light blue, me in lilac, and Jacelyn in pink.

Love how the place was done up!

Outfit feature - I specially picked this top with scallop hem from Femmex just to fit the theme. We were joking about how my top looks exactly the same as the seat covers and table cloth at the party. Haha.

Shiberty macarons with our names! So pretttttty!

And.... it's finally time for a pampering massage! We bridesmaids were really lucky to have such an awesome bride who arranged all these for us! The massage was SUPER SHIOK!!!

And gifts courtesy of the bride's sponsors - Beautydirect and Somang. Lots of loveeeeeeeeeeeee!

The next day, we had dinner with the bride and a havoc hens night party! Gonna blog about it soon, then followed by photos from her wedding day! Stay tuned!

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