Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nuffnang is 7!

Happy 7th Birthday Nuffnang! 不知不觉 I have been with Nuffnang for 7 years already!

Here are some photos from the celebration that night :) The theme was 007, so most of us dressed up in black! Everyone looked so glamorous!

My favourite photo from that night, with my current blog manager Qinxin! She was especially gorgeous that day! 眼前一亮!

It was held at Fullhouse, Clarke Quay! Pretty place for taking photos~!

With Rachell and Yutakis! Both suited up!

With pretty ladies Gwen, Jessica, and Mei Ting!

There was a photobooth corner with props and everyone had fun posing as cool villains/secret agents. With Ben, Peishi, Randy.

Check out Juli, who had the most outstanding outfit that day - a prisoner!!! She even smudged her body and created a "moustache" using makeup! The photos she took with Diya were hilarious! Never go Mediacorp act really is wasted. Haha!

With my previous blog manager Jayne! Although I'm not directly under her care now, but I will always remember how nice and thoughtful she was when handling my matters in the past! Even until now, she still occasionally messages me to catch up, comfort me when I post sad entries on Dayre, and very helpful when I asked for advice! Actually, I feel blessed that so far all the blog managers I've had at Nuffnang are fun-loving people who are genuinely good to me!

Wonderful performances by The Freshman!

And they did this. Everyone was so into the theme! Hahaha.

With Boss Ming! (Photo credit to Mei Ting)

Boss Ming spoke to us, followed by Jayne who introduced what's coming up for Nuffnang and I'm so excited for its launch soon! Then, they had some mini-awards presentation and cake cutting!

Group photo!!!

Love the earrings I wore that day! I was buying birthday presents for a friend when I suddenly saw this piece and fell in love with it at first sight and bought it for myself. Haha. It is a very heavy piece of earring though... Don't think I will wear it often.

My top of the day is from Femmex, completed with a pleated black skirt and purple bangle all from Femmex! I love the flattering cut and design of the top! Too bad I forgot to take a full-body shot~ Will wear it out again and must remember to take photos!

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