Monday, March 24, 2014

Stateland Cafe

After many busy weekends, we finally had the chanced to resume our cafe-date routine one fine Saturday afternoon! Bf decided to bring me to this quiet and tiny cafe called Stateland, located at Bali Lane!

Anyway, that morning we actually planned to meet at 10am but at 1015am I suddenly woke up realizing I'm still on bed. Luckily, bf overslept too and is still at home. Phew! Two person wrong better than one person wrong. Hahaha.

I really liked the good service by the staff, which is very rare nowadays! I had the cafe latte (best drink to go with brunch really!) and bf had the strawberry lemonade which is not bad too. Feels so good to have brunch on a relaxing weekend again!

Bf had Omelette on toast. The menu is quite limited, but it has all my favorite brunch food so I think it is good enough!

While I had eggs benedict! the version here has TWO layers of bread and TWO layers of ham. Awesome goodness. Not sure why the photos are so desaturated after uploading. By the way, the mushroom here is SO GOOD, I think I can have an entire plate of just the mushrooms!

The waffles, is a MUST-ORDER. It is so so so good! We forgot to ask for it to be served after our mains, so it was sitting there for awhile before we tuck into it but it was still so crispy and yums! I am usually not a fan of waffles but this one was nice!

Floral top from!

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